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The Foundation on a priority basis would undertake the following projects:

  • Paradigm Shift in Accounting Practices of Local Bodies and Panchayats - A Move Towards Modern Accounting and Financial Reporting.
  • Fiscal Law Administration - Concept of Accountability.
  • Taxation of E-commerce Business.
  • Framework for National Income Accounting.
  • Convergence of Information Technology with Corporate Governance.
  • Framework of Government Accounting System for Better Accounting, Accountability and Disclosures Practices.
  • The Structure of Accounting Profession in India - Its Future in WTO Regime.
  • Ethical Standards for Professional Accountants/Auditors - A Study of Global Standards including Indian Standards.
  • Considerations in Deciding Accounting Policies by Listed Companies.
  • Effect of Accounting Information in Published Annual Reports on Movement in Share Prices.
  • Extent of Compliance with Accounting Standards - A Study.
  • Issues on Accounting from Small and Medium Enterprises’ perspective.
  • Investment Decision Models of Retail and Institutional Investors - Use of Accounting Information.
  • Current Risk Management Practices by Indian Companies.
  • Current Risk Management Practices by Banking Companies and` Financial Institutions.
  • Accounting Standards - Expectation Gap.
  • Goods & Services Tax - Proposed reforms.
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
  • Corporate Fraud - Early warning signals in preventing corporate frauds in public and private sectors.
  • Topic relevant to Members-in-Industry.

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